[unduh] Percaya Diri dan Jadilah Alpha Male!

29 November 2011


Cara Menjadi Alpha Male ?

Percaya Diri dan Jadikan Diri Anda Alpha Male !

Cara Menjadi Alpha Male

Pada tulisan Cara Menjadi Percaya Diri dengan Berafirmasi, saya bagikan pada anda script-script afirmasi + audio hipnosis MP3 koleksi pribadi saya. Pada tulisan ini saya ingin membagikan sebuah script afirmasi yang powerful,  untuk para pria yang pemalu (tipe-tipe shy guy), khususnya pemalu di depan wanita! Afirmasi yang ini akan menjadikan anda Alpha Male!

Alpha male is a term used in describing any group or society of animals that live closely together and have a dominant leader. Alpha dog is often used in both domesticated breeds of dogs and in wolf societies to express the leadership characteristics of the dog to which all other dogs defer. There are also alpha females or leading females in many pack animal societies (including human societies), with the alpha female having dominance over all females in the pack and possibly some of the lower beta males or omega males.


Definisi Alpha Male tidak terbatas hanya dalam dunia hewan saja. Alpha Male juga ditemukan dalam kelompok manusia. Mereka ini adalah tipe yang percaya diri, self esteemnya tinggi, mandiri, charming, kuat secara personaliti dan karakter pribadi. Lelaki dengan tipe ini biasanya tanpa disadari akan menarik banyak wanita di sekelilingnya.

Mengapa wanita tertarik pada mereka? Seperti dalam dunia hewan, Alpha Male-lah yang akan paling banyak memperoleh perhatian wanita karena figur ini memberikan rasa aman dan perlindungan juga mampu memimpin dan memberikan kesan otoritas. Jangkauan mereka tidak terbatas hanya pada kaum hawa saja. Alpha Male dalam relasinya dengan pria lain akan menjadi amat dihormati dan disegani. Mereka cenderung menjadi pusat perhatian siapa saja. Inilah yang disebut dengan Alpha Male Effect.

Tidak harus ganteng dan kaya untuk menjadi Alpha Male!

Mindset itu ada dalam benak Beta Male. Mereka menginginkan penampilan luarnya berubah dulu jadi good looking dan kaya supaya bisa menarik wanita dalam kehidupan mereka. Alpha Male tidak demikian. Somehow percaya diri ada dalam karakter seorang Alpha Male dan ini yang menjadikan mereka menarik. Karena itu bangunlah rasa percaya diri dan self esteem anda terlebih dahulu dan biarkan berkembang menjadi karakter anda. Bagaimana caranya? Teruskan baca artikel ini masbro.

Perbedaan Alpha dan Beta Male menurut themodernman.com

Beta Male (feminine) Alpha Male (masculine)
Knows what he wants from women, but avoids going after it. Knows what he wants from women and goes after it.
Feels uncomfortable taking the lead in social situations. Women notice this and they lose interest in him. Comfortably and confidently takes the lead when appropriate.
Is unsure what identity/personality to show to the world. He fears being judged, ridiculed or picked on if he expresses his true personality and behaves in the way he really wants to. Knows who he is and is not afraid to express his true personality around people. Doesn’t fear being judged, ridiculed or picked on for being himself.
Feels intimidated by some women, especially beautiful women. Is calm, confident and in control around any woman.
Feels the desire to approach women, talk to them and move towards sex, but fears being rejected or failing. Women sense his weakness and are turned off at a deep, instinctive level. Feels the desire to approach women, talk to them and move towards sex and does it without fear. Women are turned on by his alpha male approach.

Untuk membantu masbro menjadi sosok ini saya bagikan script afirmasi untuk menjadi Alpha Male:

1. Being with me is the best possible choice for any woman.

2. Women love men and especially love me.

3. I love life! I am one with the universe.

4. I am God. I am Perfect. This is my Universe!

5. I am fearless, courageous and bold!

6. I read pages at a time incredibly fast with complete comprehension! I read ten books a day.

7. Women love sex and want sex from me.

8. My intelligence, creativity and potential is infinite!

9. I am exceptionally social and outgoing.

10. I am completely focused, organised and use my time with the utmost efficiency.

11. Women are nurtures and pleaser’s who want to nurture and please me.

12. I am an infinitely self-assured, confident, sexual and dominant male.

13. Everyday in every way I am better and better!!!

14. I have complete control over my life, mind and psychological state of being.

15. I am the greatest genius this world has ever seen.

16. I heal instantly!

17. I am successful, confident and achieve my goals. I exude infinite sex, power, confidence, happiness and self-love all the time.

18. I can be, do and have anything I want to in this world, my possibilities are endless!!!

19. I love myself! I am complete, fulfilled and completely happy!!!

20. I am growing more beautiful and luminous day by day.

21. Everybody loves me and all women want me! I make friends easily.

22. I access all the knowledge in the universe. I am the fastest reader in the world.

23. I am completely irresistible to women!

24. Regardless of how she is reacting to me she is getting aroused.

25. I see the underlying truth in all things.

26. I am an adventurer! I travel the world!

27. Regardless of how she is reacting to me I am the prize she is trying to win over!

28. I am a multi-millionaire and master seducer!

29. I love what I do and am richly rewarded, creatively and financially.

30. I have a perfect photographic memory! I recall everything easily.

31. Since she wants to have sex with me, the power is in my court to decide whether she lives up to my standards and expectations. I get to decide if we have sex.

32. I create my own reality!

33. Today I love my body fully, deeply and joyfully.

34. Today I open my mind to the endless opportunities surrounding me.

35. Prosperity surrounds me, prosperity fills me, prosperity flows to me and through me.

36. I have sex with super hot, confident, loving, caring and intelligent women with genius IQ’s all the time!

37. I think positively every day, all the time.

38. I attract amazing people.

39. My body is now trained to burn fat and build muscle day by day.

40. I have a six pack of abdominal muscles.

41. I am filled with the light of love, peace, happiness, power, success and joy every day, all the time.

42. I am aggressive, direct and powerful with the women I desire. I radiate a confidence, self-control and charm that women find irresistibly attractive.

43. My mind is focused on what I desire and I go for it congruently and powerfully.

44. I take immediate advantage of my opportunities with women. I swiftly establish incredible rapport, gather the information I need, then close with aggression, power and finesse.

45. I radiate a natural, easy self-acceptance that women find irresistibly attractive.

46. I am mastering the responses, attitudes, behaviours, insights and timing that bring me irresistible power with the women I desire.

47. I am now approaching women that I am attracted to.

48. I am able to pick up and attract any women I desire.

49. I am a strong, powerful, aggressive, dominant, alpha male, leader and conqueror!!!

50. I am smooth, charming, interesting and fascinating!!!

51. I have a perfectly sculptured muscle ripped body.

52. I am super hot and sexy, all women want me!

53. Abundance is my natural state of being!

54. Money comes to me easily and continuously from multiple sources!

55. My IQ and intelligence increases daily rapidly!!!

56. I have clear beautiful skin!

57. All things are now working together for good in my life.

58. I rule the world! I am brilliant and perfect in every possible way!

59. I succeed in everything I do!

60. I have sex with one thousand super hot women!

61. I am now enjoying everything I do and feel happy just being alive.

62. Sex with super hot women comes to me easily and effortlessly.

63. I have the infinite creative power of God within me.

64. I am a Bad Boy, Player, Natural and Ladies Man!

65. I am a Sexy Beast! Everywhere I go women want to fuck me!

66. I have sex with supermodels daily.

67. Supermodels have an incredible desire to f**k me wherever I go!

68. I attract whatever I desire.

69. I am the most desirable man in the world. I am God’s gift to women.

70. Supermodels and incredibly hot women proactively, persistently and aggressively seek me out to f**k me.

71. Beautiful women are extremely persistent with me for sex.

72. What I believe is reality. Women experience me as extremely intoxicating, exciting and addictive.

73. I am a catch and out of her league, any woman that’s with me is very fortunate to have my attention.

74. Beautiful women are extremely attracted to me on a deeply subconscious level.

75. Women are perverted creatures who are always trying to $#&% me.

76. Every morning I wake up in bed with twenty supermodels.

77. I can f**k any girl I want in any situation.

Jika anda berminat dengan script afirmasi ini, mohon isinya direview karena mungkin ada afirmasi yang tidak anda inginkan. Pencipta afirmasi Alpha Male ini menulis jika afirmasi diatas rajin anda ucapkan setiap hari dengan sadar dan keyakinan tinggi maka hidup anda akan banyak mengalami perubahan luar biasa. Rasa percaya diri dan self esteem anda akan meningkat berlipat lipat. Apa ada efek negatifnya? Menilik script afirmasi diatas maka saya rasa ada. Efek negatifnya adalah anda akan menjadi a little bit self centering, egois. Karena itu saya harap anda mau ambil waktu untuk review kata-kata afirmasi di atas dan ambil yang kira-kira perlu. jangan diambil semua.

Tapi kalau anda menginginkan semuanya…why not! Go for it!

Bagaimana cara menggunakan script afirmasi ini?

Caranya : anda tuliskan afirmasi yang kira-kira cocok dan sssuai dengan kebutuhan anda di selembar kertas. Tempelkan atau letakkan kertas itu di tempat yang mudah anda jangkau. Tiap pagi setelah bangun tidur dan tiap malam sebelum beranjak tidur, bacalah script afirmasi ini dengan perlahan penuh KEYAKINAN dan TIDAK RAGU-RAGU! Jangan baca dengan rasa tidak yakin karena dengan demikian anda akan menciptakan mental block yang menghambat afirmasi-afirmasi ini menetap di benak bawah sadar.

Unduh Audio Subliminal Alpha Male!

Untuk lebih membantu anda yang pemalu dengan wanita, saya bagikan juga sebuah audio subliminal MP3 berjudul “Alpha Male”. Apa itu subliminal? baca deh disini. Audio ini benar-benar powerful! Dengarkan setiap hari menjelang tidur, kalo ketiduran pun tidak apa-apa karena efek subliminal tetap akan bekerja selagi anda tidur.

Ingat: karena ini subliminal, anda hanya akan mendengar suara ombak berdebur saja. Suara afirmasinya dimasking dalam suara ombak itu sehingga anda tidak akan mendengar apa-apa kecuali suara ombak. Di track ke-4 malah tidak ada suara yg terdengar sama sekali (silent subliminal) tapi afirmasinya ada (dalam low frequency sound) yang tidak terdengar telinga namun langsung ditangkap oleh pikiran bawah sadar!

Tips Cara Meningkatkan Kepercayaan Diri

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